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* Pro feature only

New Document: Document prefix

This value is used as the default name in the “New Animation Project” window. If you use a specific naming convention like “SC0001SH0001” (SCene 1 and SHot 1) you can enter that here and then only the last digits have to be changed every time you create a new document for a new shot or sequence.

Frame: New Frame length

If you like to change the default duration of new (Layer) Frames created with the toolbar, you can enter the preferred value here in number of frames.

Frame: Exposure step

This is the number of frames that are added or removed every time you click the add/remove exposure button.

Video Layer: New Video Layers default to

This setting will change the default frame rate of new Video Layers created with the toolbar in relation to the timeline’s frame rate.

e.g. On a Timeline with a frame rate of 25 f/s and with this setting on “Twos”; Every new Video Layer’s frame rate is automatically set to 12.5 f/s.

Video Group: Ask before selecting Video Group content

Some functions (like add/remove exposure) can be applied to all layers inside a Video Group by selecting only the Video Group. To avoid mistakes the toolbar will ask you to confirm this action. If you do this often the warning can be turned off for a smoother experience.

Video Group: Create new Video Group at current time


Video Group: Allow partial ungrouping


Require confirmation to: Auto-select Video Group content


Require confirmation to: Duplicate multiple Layers as a whole