The Animator’s Toolbar is a Photoshop panel for Photoshop Animators, which provides access to the Timeline functions with the click of a button and extends Photoshop’s animation capabilities.


I was looking for ways to try my hand at traditional 2D animation. Although I love drawing on paper, owning a Cintiq, I decided to benefit from an all digital approach. I created frame by frame pixel animations in Photoshop before and I already owned a licence to use the software, thus it would make the ideal starting point for my quest. While working with the timeline it became clear that most functions were inconveniently tucked aways in dropdown menu’s. After a first toolbar attempt with configurator I became obsessed with solving the problems imposed by the limitations of Photoshop’s native functions.


I am currently working on a paid (“Pro”) version of the Animator’s Toolbar. Some functions that were previously available in the free version for testing have been moved to the paid version. The core functionality is still available and free. e.g. You can still trim and move multiple layers at once, add or remove exposures to multiple layers or an entire video group.

Once the paid version is released it will provide more options for manipulating the frames on the timeline, save presets/templates, assign keyboard shortcuts etc. Having a paid version will allow me to keep the toolbar up to date and compatible with future Photoshop releases and develop new methods to make animating in Photoshop a fun experience.


  • New Animation Project
  • Toggle Timeline Shortcuts
  • Toggle Favourite, ⌥Set Favourite


  • Paste Special, ⇧ Skip Auto Merge
  • Clear Layer Content, ⌥ Split and Clear*
  • Create Hold


  • Apply Colour Label, ⇧ Label as “Key”*, ⌥ Create “Key”*
  • Apply Colour Label, ⇧ Label as “Extreme”*, ⌥ Create “Extreme”*
  • Apply Colour Label, ⇧ Label as “Breakdown”*, ⌥ Create “Breakdown”*
  • Apply Colour Label, ⇧ Label as “Inbetween”*, ⌥ Create “Inbetween”*
  • Apply Colour Label, ⇧Name Reset*, ⌥ Clear content+Name Reset*


  • Blank Frame After, ⇧Blank Frame Before*, ⌥ Duplicate Frame
  • Add one Exposure, ⇧ Remove one Exposure, ⌥ Input*
  • VideoGroup Selected, ⌥ Ungroup
  • Reverse Selected Layers/Frames


  • Trim Start, ⇧ Move, ⌥ Trim Start + Sequence Selected Layers*
  • Split, ⌥ Split + Clear Layer Content*
  • Trim End, ⇧ Move, ⌥ Trim End + Sequence Selected Layers*
  • Roll Edit


  • Set Start Work Area, ⇧ Go to Start of Work Area
  • Reset Work Area
  • Set End Work Area, ⇧ Go to End of Work Area
  • Step Backward ⇧ Goto First
  • Goto Time/Frame
  • Step Forward ⇧ Goto Last
  • Toggle Union Skin ⌥ Union Skin Settings
  • Toggle Fit/Zoom, ⇧ Zoom 100%

Get the Animator’s Toolbar here for free!

*available in the Animator’s Toolbar Pro (currently in development)


23 thoughts on “The Animator’s Toolbar

  1. Christopher says:

    The Animators Toolbar 3.0 installed via Adobe Add-ons page doesn’t work in Photoshop 2015.5 ?

  2. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    Not yet. A new version has been submitted and will probably be approved in the coming weeks.

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  4. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    CS6 and older CC versions are no longer available online. There are plans for a new CS6 release but there is no hard release date.

  5. Jesus says:

    Ah that’s fine. Thanks for even considering a CS6 version. I know many people don’t use it anymore. Looking forward to new version when it comes out!

  6. SMT says:


    I’ve tried adding the extension both through my CC account and through the extension manager. The manager doesn’t recognize the .zxp file (I can’t just unzip it) and it’s not been showing up in the extensions drop-down inside PS 2015.5.1. I’m not sure if this is the problem above commenters are talking about – if so, sorry for redundancy. Any word on a fix / when there will be an update to make it workable?

  7. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    The above comments are about the previous version, back when Photoshop changed from 2015 to 2015.5. Extension manager does not work because it is deprecated. zxpinstaller is your best option if you want to install the zxp file manually.

    The only installation issues I know of involved the ‘enterprise licence’ of Photoshop.

  8. kitkats says:

    +1 for a CS6 version. This looks great, but I don’t really need Photoshop CC, and from what I hear it’s more unstable than CS6.

  9. Bonifacius says:

    How can I add my own shortcuts to the timeline options? like If I want to add a blank frame with f7 and extend it with f5 (like in Adobe Flash)…?

  10. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    Hi Bonifacius,
    Thank you for your interest in my toolbar. Currently there is no option to manipulate the Animator’s Toolbar with keyboard shortcuts. At this time I’m working on a paid/pro version of the toolbar that comes with little scripts that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

  11. Johnny says:

    This looks awesome and is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I will be more than willing to purchase the pro version when it becomes available. It would be really helpful to have some YouTube videos to learn how to use it.

  12. Tom says:

    Hi. Just tried to install Animators Toolar to PS 2017.0.1 using the Add-on and when this failed using Extension Manager for CC. Is this supposed to work?

  13. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    Hi Tom,

    Extension Manager has been deprecated since cc 2015 so that is not an option. The Animator’s Toolbar is compatible with PS 2017.0.1 and should install from the Creative Cloud. Since you downloaded the zxp file, zxp installer is also an option.

  14. judith says:

    I downloaded AnimatorsToolbar_3_0_5.zxp and the ZXPInstaller.dmg. The installation failed because “the ZXPInstaller could not check the license online.” Is there a way to resolve this issue? Photoshop CC version 14.1.22 is what I have on a Mac OSX Yosemite. Thank you.

  15. Patrick says:

    Really having a hard time getting this installed on Photoshop 2015.5 for pc. I have gone to the adobe site and acquired it, but it does not show up on the machine. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Patrick Deen
    Patrick Deen says:

    Hi Judith,

    It should be compatible with your version of Photoshop. Lately there have been mixed results with ZXP installer.
    I’ve switched to the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager which can install (and uninstall) the plug-in.

    If you are using an enterprise licence you could try to make a personal adobe id and use that to acquire the plugin. After installation the toolbar will also be available to the enterprise licence.

    Hope that helps.


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