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Are you guilty of “Brush Hoarding”? Chances are you own a ton of cool brushes but use only a fraction of them. Be honest, when the Brush or Tool Preset list becomes too long, you fall back on either the brushes you know or just the ones you can find. A common practice is to use the Preset Manager to divide your huge collection in smaller portions (.tpl files). I personally find that inconvenient for obvious reasons.

When drawing with traditional (non-digital) media, I tend to select just a few tools that will do the job of what I intent to create. I created PD Toolbox to do just that, but in Photoshop. Now I can throw a few Brushes and Tool Presets in my toolbox and start painting. And when I need some more I can just add them along the way…

PD Toolbox is not a preset or brush manager. Photoshop already has one of those very capable of managing my tools. PD Toolbox is a Photoshop panel that combines what you use the Brush and Tool Preset windows for, activating the tools and brushes by reference.

What it does

  • Present tools from the Brush and Tool Preset window in a curated list (no need to create .tpl files)
  • Track activated Brushes
  • Track activated Tool Preset
  • Save reference to the activated Brushes or Tool Presets in the psd
  • Search within the list of available Brushes and Tool Presets
  • Optional override Preset Brush size
  • Optional override Preset Color

What it doesn’t

  • Manage Brushes
  • Manage Presets
  • Preview Strokes
  • Create Brushes or Presets
  • Save Brushes or Presets

Click here to open the online manual and read more about what PD Toolbox can do for you…
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