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Blur Box is a dockable Photoshop panel providing direct access to some of Photoshop’s most used blur effects. PD BlurBox can be purchased via the adobe addons website.


  • Settings for Gaussian Blur, Box Blur, Motion Blur and Radial Blur are directly accessible in the Photoshop interface through tabs in Blur Box panel.
  • Apply a Blur effect with the click of a button.
  • Accurate ‘click and drag’ center point configuration for Radial Blur (Zoom/Spin).
  • Simple ‘click and drag’ angle configuration for Motion Blur.
  • Simple interface buttons for Average, Blur and Blur More.
  • New Blur type called ‘Cumulative Zoom’.

Currently working on new interesting features for the next update.
There is an online manual in the making which can be viewed here.

Normal Zoom at 100 px
Normal Zoom at 100 px
Cumulative Zoom at 10*10px
Cumulative Zoom at 10*10px

2 thoughts on “PD BlurBox

  1. Tom says:

    Please, please if possible, make Preview available for Gaussian Blur and whatever other Blur types Photoshop provides. I love the Radial Blur feature on this tool, but not being able to preview Gaussian Blur – I do not love!! :)

    • Patrick Deen says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your feedback. I first made PD Blurbox as a quick and dirty method to apply a “known” Gaussian Blur value for a friend. There is no difference between the Gaussian Blur from the Filter menu and the one triggered by this panel.

      While creating a preview is not possible, in reaction to your request I’m going to add the option to trigger the standard Blur panels from PD Blurbox when the preview step is preferred.

      I hope that is something you find useful.


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