The name value is assigned to the resulting Video Layer except when the “Use Layer Comps”option is active, then the Layer Comp names are used.

The name value is used to create a new document when “Collect in other document” active and the drop-down menu is set to “new”

 Use Work Area

With this option selected it is possible to record a section of the timeline to a Video Layer. Use the Work Area indicators to mark the in and out-point of that section before running the Rostrum script..

 Hide Background

This option is available when the original photoshop document contains a background layer. Hiding the background layer will result in a Video Layer with a transparent background (alpha channel).

Use Layer Comps

If you want to create multiple versions of the same timeline segment but with different configurations you can set up a Layer Comp for each configuration. Layer Comps allow you to save visibility, multiple positions and appearances (Layer Styles) on the same layer.

When selected the new Video Layer is named after the Layer Comp name and the stacking order of the generated Video Layers is based on the stacking order of the Layer Comps.

Tip: Layer Comp names starting with a ~ (tilde) are excluded from the process.