PD Value Painter 1.0.0.beta

Value Painter interface


The value painter panel is divided in three main segments.


Flip canvas / layer

Flip the canvas or hold [shift] to flip the selected layer(s).

Erase layer content / selection

Clear the content from selected layer(s) or, when there is an active selection, clear the selected area on the selected layer(s).

Toggle zoom

Toggle between the current zoom level and fit to screen. Hold [shift] to zoom to 100% and see the actual pixels.

Reset tool

Remove any applied preset/setting and return to the default brush settings: Soft round, pressure size at 13 px.

Add tools (+)

Open the ‘Customize Toolset’ window and ether add, remove or replace current tools with the tools you would like to use.

Size override option / input field

When activated the brush size of any tool presets is adjusted to the entered value when possible. If the entered size is higher that the brush’s maximum size, the maximum size is used.


Add or remove or replace tools


Paint options

Dropdown Colormode 

Three possible color modes: Greyscale, Brightness, Saturation and Transition.

Dropdown Stepsize

The number of swatches between white and black for Greyscale, the current brightness value and brightness 0 for Brightness, the current saturation value and saturation 0 for Saturation and the amount of swathes to transition from the the left main color swatch to the right main color swatch.

Original colour swatches

On load the left swatch filled with the foreground color and the right swatch is filled with the background color. These two colors are the basis for the swatches generated in the different color modes.

By holding [shift] while clicking either swatch the current background- or foreground color is loaded into the swatch.

By holding [alt] while clicking either swatch the you can pick a new background- or foreground color which is also loaded into the swatch.

Tool section

Quick Start

First time opening PD Value Painter

The panel will try to restore the previous session and fill the tool section with brushes and tool presets. When no previous session is found a button with the text “Click to add Tools” is presented.

Just click the button to open the tool selection window.

When a previous session is loaded into the panel you can use the “Plus sign” in the toolbar to add/change tools.

Tool selection window

The tool selection window shows a list of all available/loaded Brushes and Tool Presets. The list is not limited to painting tool presets thus allowing you to add other tools that you use while painting. This can be shapes, gradients or even selection tools like the “Magnetic Lasso 24 pixels”.

Hold [cmd] or [ctrl] to select multiple items on the list.

Click “Add to set” to append the selected presets to the tool section of the Value Painter panel.

Click “New set” to replace the tools is the tool section of the Value Painter panel with the selected presets.

Save as set is not yet implemented.

Tool Section

Tool Presets not found

When opening Value Painter the panel tries to restore the previous session and checks if the brushes and tool presets of the previous session are still available. You’ll be notified of any missing tools.

When tools are missing you have the option to manually reload the presets or open the tool selection window and replace the missing tools with presets that are available.

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