What is PD Toolbox?

PD Toolbox for Photoshop is a Brush and Tool Preset shortcut panel. The panel is created with the digital painter in mind but it is useful to anybody who uses Tool Presets in Photoshop. Every tool that can be saved as a Tool Preset can be part of PD Toolbox. The benefit of using Tool Presets is that when activating a Tool Presets, Photoshop switches to the corresponding tool and updates the tool settings in one click.

View of PD Toolbox filled with a wide range of Brushes and Tool Presets.

PD Toolbox is no Brush- or Tool Presets Manager, Photoshop’s own Brush and Preset managers are very capable of taking care of that. PD Toolbox saves a reference to the Tool Preset you’d like to activate and does not alter or load the Presets themselves. This way PD Toolbox allows you to compose a set of tools as you are working, without the need to create or alter .tpl files. The toolbox only displays the tools you select (instead of the complete list of all the Brushes and Tool Presets available on your system).

Tracking Brushes and Tool Presets

If you’re used to working with the Tool Preset window, you know how easy it is to lose track of the brushes you’re using for this particular piece. PD Toolbox keeps track of the Brushes and Tool Presets you activate while you are working in Photoshop. This list of used tools is saved as part of the psd file. The list is retrieved the next time you open this document. While retrieving the “Used Tools List”, PD Toolbox checks if the Brush and Tool Presets are available. You are notified of any missing Brushes or Presets. Reference to a missing tool is automatically restored when the required .tpl or .abr file is loaded into Photoshop.

Show Used Brushes and Presets

When the “Show Used Brushes and Presets” option is ticked in the fly-out menu, PD Toolbox will display the Tool Presets that have been used in the document. This option is document specific and can only be activated when a document contains a used tool list. A “Used Tools List” always displays the used tools from the current document.