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* Pro feature only

New Animation Project

Open the New Animation window to set the parameters for your Photoshop animation project. Photoshop’s new document window has video presets but does not provide the option to create and configure the Timeline. The panel is configured in four segments.

Name: The name of your Photoshop Animation Project. The default name on opening the panel can be changed in the “Toolbar Setting” accessible from the toolbar’s fly-out menu.

Canvas: Set the canvas size and background colour of your new Photoshop Animation Project. Use the Size preset drop-down menu or enter values manually. Use the Background drop-down to select a default background colour or select a custom colour.

Timeline: The default duration of the timeline can be changed by entering a value in a comma seperated timecode notation (i.e. mm,ss,ff) or a total number of frames (i.e. ff) in combination with a preferred frame rate. Note: Keep in mind that Video Layers inherit the frame rate and duration from the timeline. It’s not possible to change the actual duration of a video layer after it is created.

Content: Automatically generate an Art Layer or Video Layer on the timeline and choose if the layer is contained in a Video Group.

Make Default Button: Save all values as the default setting the next time the New Animation panel is opened.

Cancel Button: Closes the New Animation panel.

Ok Button: Creates a new document and creates and configures the timeline with the preferred settings.

Toggle Timeline Shortcuts

Turn the Timeline Keyboard Shortcut Keys on when they’re off and off when they’re on.

Toggle Favourite

This function gives you control over what is shown in the Timeline Panel without changing the visibility on the canvas. (If you are familiar with After Effects you can best think of this function as a reversed “Shy” button.) 

To make this work you start by selecting the Layers/Groups you’re working on. Then [ALT] click this button to mark the selected layers as favourites. All other Layers will be automatically hidden from view in the Timeline.

Clicking this button again will toggle the visibility of the layers NOT marked as favourite in the Timeline, on or off.

⌥ Set Favourite

[ALT] click this button to mark the selected layers as favourites.

Marking a new selection of Layers as favourite will override the current favourites setting.