Animator’s Toolbar Pro › Keyboard Scripts

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro comes with a bundle of scripts that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. Before the keyboard scripts can be used you have to open the Animator’s Toolbar at least once to activate them.

The toolbar scripts can be found in a subfolder named Animators Toolbar in Photoshop’s Scripts folder. It’s recommendable to create a custom workspace for animation. From that point on it’s safe to change the panel configuration and keyboard shortcuts to your liking without losing any of your previous settings.

Only scripts that perform actions beyond Photoshop’s standard accessible behaviours are included.

e.g. Only the “Reset Work Area” script is included because the commands “Work Area > Set Start at Playhead” and “Work Area > Set End at Playhead” can be assigned through Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > shortcuts for Panel Menus (timeline panel).

Follow these steps to assign a Keyboard Script to a Keyboard Shortcut.

Included scripts are:

Exposure Add.jsxbin
Exposure Remove.jsxbin
Frame Duplicate.jsxbin
Frame Insert Before.jsxbin
Frame Insert.jsxbin
Frame Reverse.jsxbin
Layer Clear Content.jsxbin
Layer Paste Special.jsxbin
Layer Split At Playhead.jsxbin
Layer Trim End.jsxbin
Layer Trim Start.jsxbin
Roll Edit.jsxbin
Video Group Selected.jsxbin
Video Layer New.jsxbin
Work Area Reset.jsxbin