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When you install the Animator’s Toolbar Pro a few extra’s are installed in the folder “AnimatorsToolbar” in your documents folder.

Printable Cheat Sheet

Acquaint yourself with all that the Animator’s Toolbar Pro has to offer with the printable cheat sheet.

I’d suggest you open the demo psd-files and try all combinations to see what each function does.

In that same folder you’ll find two psd-files containing a simple animation of a spider-like creature running off screen.

The files are named:


Both files contain the same animation sequence but with different solutions. The Demo_ArtLayers.psd shows how a sequence can be built using Art Layers while the Demo_VideoLayers.psd shows how the same result can be achieved using Video Layers.

(I have to say I created this sequence using Art Layers first and then converted the Layer-animation to Video Layers using my Rostrum script)