Fixing Surface Pen Pressure in Windows 10

Hey you, digital-painter-illustrator-artist! Did you buy a Microsoft Surface Book 2 and the new Surface Pen with support for pen pressure and pen tilt?┬áDid the pen not perform as expected and are you experiencing a little buyer’s remorse? Well that’s exactly how I felt the first few hours with my new power laptop… but since […]

Settings: Video Group

You probably already figured out that Video Groups are true lifesavers when working with the timeline. Whether you’re editing video or creating frame by frame animation, you want your frames to stay in sequence and you don’t want to worry about random unwanted gaps between frames when moving layers around. But when and how you use Video Groups depends on the user and from my experience, animators can get very specific when it comes to workflow. The Video Group options are my attempt to give you control over the default behaviour of creating Video Groups with the Animator’s Toolbar Pro and in this post I’m going to tell you what it does.