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In an attempt to NOT ruin a users project I added a few pop-ups to inform the user about what is about to happen and if she wants to continue. Once familiar with how the toolbar handles these situations, the warning can quickly become a nuisance. In the “Require confirmation to…” section you can turn these warnings off and speed up your workflow. In this post I’ll explain what default behaviours are affected by the required confirmations and what happens when you turn them off.

Toolbar Settings > General > Require confirmation to…

Require confirmation to: Auto-select Video Group content

When a Video Group is part of the selected layers the toolbar will ask if you would like to run the function on all the layers inside the (Video) Group. The confirmation is added to avoid the toolbar from unintentionally messing up the timing of a project. (note: you can always undo when that happens). By unchecking this box the toolbar will suppress the notification and automatically select the content of a (Video) Group to apply the requested function. Some functions work on both (Video) Groups and layers. In that case you have to select the content of a (Video) Group by hand.

pop-up nitification


These functions try to automatically select the content of a selected Video Group:

Trim Layer Start
Trim Layer End
Add Exposure
Remove Exposure

These functions can be applied to Video Groups and Layers:

Move Layer Start
Move Layer End

Require confirmation to: Duplicate multiple Layers as a whole:

This setting comes into play when duplicating layers/frames. When more that one layer is selected while clicking the Duplicate Frame function a confirmation window pops up, asking the user if she would like to duplicate the selection in its entirety.

When No is chosen: The toolbar duplicates each layer individually and places the duplicated layer next to its original.

No: All duplicate layers are placed next to their original layer.

When Yes is chosen: The toolbar duplicates all layers at once and all places all duplicates, as a whole, after the last selected layer.

Yes: All duplicate layers are placed after the last selected layer.

By unchecking this box the toolbar will suppress the confirmation pop-up and will automatically duplicate the selection in its entirety.

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  1. gabriel says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I have a problem with the animator extension tool pro, I bought it but I could not install it in photoshop 2018, the version that is better. the animator toolbar Pro_1.2.1 that can be downloaded from the manual alternative of the adobe excharge page.
    the extras and files did not let me down, only the zxp. probe with zxp installer, Anastasiy’s Extension Manager and adobe excharge, including the creative cloud. It is necessary to install it manually.


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