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Video Layers generated by the Animator’s Toolbar Pro can automatically adjust to your preference by changing the toolbar settings. This post contains a brief explanation of what the Video Layer settings mean and why you’d might want to use it.

By adjusting the Video Layer frame rate to accommodate a desired interval of drawings it is possible to use the convenience of Video Layers -namely not having to select every frame- and omitting the need to draw every frame while animating in Photoshop.

In the settings window you have the option to choose between: Ones, Twos, Threes and Fours. Animating on twos or higher is done to reduce the amount of work. These terms are derived from animators jargon where animating on “Ones” means drawing every (one) frame and animating on “Twos” means holding each drawing for two frames -effectively cutting the amount of work in half-, “Threes” for holding each drawing for three frames, etc.

This is how Video Layer Setting are used by the Animator’s Toolbar Pro

To get the desired effect of, for example holding each video frame for two frames, the Video Layer frame rate is lowered to a frame rate of 12 fps in relation to the frame rate of the timeline which is 24 fps. Photoshop makes up for the difference in frame rates by holding (when slower) or dropping frames (when faster) of the Video Layer. In this simple example it is simple to figure out what frame rate you’ll need but these frame rates are actually calculated based on the Video Layer Settings. This becomes obvious if you use a frame rate like 29,97 fps.

Calculated frame rates at 29,97 fps

The Video Layer preference from the Animator’s Toolbar Settings window are used every time a new Video Layer is created with the Animator’s Toolbar Pro. That is when the Video Layer box is ticked in the content section of the New Animation window and when the New Video Layer button (or script) is triggered.

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